nullHere’s a fundraising campaign for an upcoming feature documentary that’s very well worth your time and your dollars, so chip in if you can. Read on below…

Double Digits is a feature-length documentary about RichardR.G.Miller, an inspiring artist and prolific DIY filmmaker who NOBODY has ever heard of (I’ll readily admit that certainly hadn’t heard of him until now), who’s follows his filmmaking dreams while working the graveyard shift at a local prison. 
The film will explore what it means to be an aging artist in the 21st century (R.G. has been at this for some 35 years apparently), while delving into the life and creative process of a gifted and truly unique person. 
The directors, who call Double Digits a dream project, are Justin Johnson and Erik Beck, aka “The Indie Machines,” co-creators of the online DIY filmmaking network Indy Mogul, as well as the Webby Award winning low-budget special effects show Backyard FX. Together they’ve made over 300 short films, won multiple awards, created on-air content for cable networks, and worked with big brands like Star Wars, Pringles, YouTube and Lego

The title “Double Digits” comes from RG’s answer to the question, “How do you define success for one of your films?” Meaning, if one of his films (which run from 30 to 50 minutes and take about 3 months to create), gets more than 9 views online, he considers it a success. 

Let’s hope this documentary on the DIY filmmaker is made and gets more than 9 views wherever it screens.

The filmmakers’ goal here is to raise $25,000 within the next 30 days, via Kickstarter. And they’re off to a good start, having raised about a third of that within the first 6 days of the campaign.

Check out the video pitch by the filmmakers below, and if you’re sold, click HERE to contribute to their campaign, or within the widget underneath the video: