Hot Girl Summer is officially underway now that Megan Thee Stallion‘s highly-anticipated third album, Megan, is finally out. The 18-track project, which the Houston rapper has described as her “rebirth” following a tumultuous last few years, sees the Houston rapper at her best and even includes samples from and collaborations with artists like Jeezy, GloRilla, Teena Marie and more, Billboard reported. While listening to the album, here’s everything you need to know about who’s sampled and featured on Megan


Teena Marie — “Out on a Limb” on “B.A.S.”

Teena Marie’s ’80s hit “Out on a Limb” offers a danceable, electric energy to Meg’s “B.A.S.,” featuring a surprising collaboration with Brooklyn drill crew 41 member Kyle Richh. The song sees Megan trashing her man but later admitting to her faults in the relationship. 

Megan and Richh mesh contrasting flows better than it would appear while picking up the pace surrounding the “Out on a Limb” sample. Meg throws dirt on her man, but then turns the mirror around and candidly admits she’s no angel eitheron the relationship front.

“He lyin’ to me, and I’m lyin’ to him/ F**k it, guess we both ain’t s**t,” she admits while defining the “B.A.S.” song title acronym.

Kstylis — “Booty Me Down” on “Where Them Girls At”

One of the album’s strongest songs, “Where Them Girls At,” includes a sample of Kstylis’ hit “Booty Me Down,” and is a battle cry for summer, nailing the balance of a nostalgic, late-2000s hip-hop sound and more modern elements of rap. 

Jeezy — “I Love It” on “Broke His Heart”

In “Broke His Heart,” Megan is a ready-to-be-reformed heartbreaker who wants to find love again. And what better way to express that than by collaborating with Tay Keith and including a sample of Jeezy’s “I Love It.’ The Houston rapper also asserts in the song that she’s done dating rappers and has her eyes on the field, or the court, for a new beau. 

Gwen Stefani — “What You Waiting For?” on “Boa”

Though “Boa” has been out for a few weeks now, its sample of Gwen Stefani’s debut solo single, “What You Waiting For?” from 2004’s Love. Angel. Music. Baby. is still worth paying attention to. The early aughts song plays so well with the “Boa” subject matter: calling out people who have gained fame solely for posting dance videos on TikTok. Was she shading Nicki Minaj? You’ll have to be the judge of that. 

Anime series Jujutsu Kaisen

Likely one of Megan’s most innovative samples comes in “Otauku Hot Girl,” in which she includes audio from the legendary anime series Jujutsu Kaisen. The rapper told fans on Instagram Live before stopping in Dallas for her Hot Girl Summer Tour that it was quite the fight to clear the anime reference. According to NME, the 29-year-old had to change a few words of the song days before its release to get the OK and follow other requests from the anime’s production company, MAPPA, including refraining from cosplaying any of the characters in the show. 


“Paper Together” feat. UGK

Megan has always honored the rap legends that’ve inspired her, so including a previously unreleased posthumous verse from the late Pimp C and UGK is not a big surprise, Billboard reported. With Juicy J’s production and an inspirational message about financial literacy, you got yourself a hit. 

“Miami Blue” feat. Big K.R.I.T. and Buddha Bless

“Miami Blue” includes a previously unannounced feature from Big K.R.I.T. and producer Buddha Bless. It is the most seamless feature on the album, with all parties interconnected, as if it were a collaboration written in the stars. 

“Mamushi” feat. Yuki Chiba 

Megan loves anime, but her appreciation of Japanese culture also extends to the nation’s rap scene. In “Mamushi,” the 29-year-old calls on Tokyo’s Yuki Chiba to bring the track to life. Plus, Megan takes a stab at rapping a few bars in Japanese herself. Pretty impressive. 

“Spin” feat. Victoria Monét

Megan lets Monét’s smooth, sultry vocals shine on “Spin,” which sees Megan stepping into her alter ego, Tina Snow. In the song, the singer and rapper wonder if what they’re observing on the pole is real or fake. You’ll enjoy this if you like Monét’s “Monopoly” collaboration with Ariana Grande. 

“Accent” feat. GloRilla

GloRilla and Megan are a match made in heaven. The frequent collaborators had fun making “Accent,” which shows Megan boasting about being “thicker” than her country accent. A playful follow-up to their smash hit “Wanna Be,””Accent” is a worthy addition to the album.