Megan Thee Stallion did not hold back on her new album, Megan, and fans are already deciphering many of the lyrics. Months after her infamous beef with Nicki Minaj, it seems like she may have addressed the situation once again, this time, on the Megan track “Rattle.” And that’s not the only conflict she appears to talk about on the album.

According to Variety, Megan, who is currently on her Hot Girl Summer Tour, appears to have clapped back at Minaj on the track, seemingly making several not-so-subtle references to the collaborator-turned-foe.

The bars in “Rattle”

“Ain’t got no tea on me, this hoe think she TMZ,” Megan raps throughout the song, seemingly referencing when Minaj claimed to have tea on her in “Big Foot.”

She also opens up “Rattle” with apparent Minaj-aimed bars: “I wanted everybody right here with me/ But that was my fault, bein’ too friendly/ I was thinkin’ everything was all good/ But the whole time, you was my enemy.”

However, it may not be that cut and dry. The internet is split over who these shots are aimed at. Besides Minaj, it could also be pointed at Megan’s former best friend Kelsey Nicole.

Another line could also apply to either Minaj or Nicole.

“D**n, b***h, it been four years/ Worry ’bout your man and your kid/ Your life must be borin’ as f**k if you still reminiscin’ ’bout s**t that we did.”

As Hip Hop DX reports, this could be referencing Minaj as well as the four years since Megan’s “W.A.P.” song with Cardi B, which Minaj was widely reported to be upset about. However, it could be about a situation with her and Nicole as well.

Minaj in many ways might make the most sense, as their drama crescendoed earlier this year after Megan released “Hiss,” which is the first track on Megan. On it, she raps, “These hoes don’t be mad at Megan, these hoes mad at Megan’s Law,” which appears to be a pretty obvious shot at Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty, who has been convicted of first-degree attempted rape of a 16-year-old. (Megan’s Law states that authorities must make all information about sex offenders public.) Minaj quickly responded to “Hiss” with her own diss track, “Big Foot,” which seems to make fun of an incident during which Megan was shot in the foot by Tory Lanez, who is now incarcerated for the attack.

Other evidence that might point to Minaj being the subject of “Rattle” is this bar:

And I ain’t worried ’bout the bitter-b***h link-up/ Y’all hoes earned them seats in the fan club

This may reference when Minaj brought out JT, Bia, Maliibu Miitch, Katie Got Bandz and Akbar V to during a stop on Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 World Tour back in April.


“Rattle” isn’t the only Megan track that may be throwing shade at Minaj. According to Uproxx, “Figueroa” begins with a punchy jab that seems to be about the New York native.

“P***y hoes on the internet/ Using me to drive traffic,” she raps, adding later, “I’m a motherf**king brat, not a Barbie/ On go with any b***h that wanna start it.”

“Figueroa” also sees the Houstonian appearing to call out Iggy Azalea, who wrote a letter in support of Lanez during the shooting trial, Billboard reported.

“White b***h on the internet dissin’ Megan/ Black ghostwriter, what the f**k n****s thinkin,” Meg raps.

Megan was released June 28.