Fans are buzzing now that Megan Thee Stallion‘s third studio album, Megan, has finally dropped. The 18-track project has a lot to unpack: satisfying and unexpected features, whip-smart lyricism, and an evolved version of the Megan fans know and love. Listeners already have taken to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their opinions on the album, that released June 28. Read on for what they had to say.

Most listeners love the album.

“Yeah Megan was a 10/10 she ate and it was very cohesive and the features were perfectly placed i loved it #MEGAN,” one fan wrote on the platform.

Another praised its production and the beats Megan chose to rap over.

“The production on this album sets it apart from megan’s last two albums by far. the beats, the versatility, down to the features is perfection. no matter what is said about megan, her talent will never be taken away from her. 10’s! #MEGAN,” they wrote.

One listener even said the album is the Houston rapper’s best.

“Oh this megan’s best album. there’s no question about it. #MEGAN,” they tweeted with a GIF.

Many others praised Megan’s unfiltered lyricism in the album.

One listener is already thinking about the album’s upcoming visuals.

“Megan and victoria saying they want to do a video for spin with choreo…. where they talk about pole dancing…. we not gon survive this #megan,” they wrote.