Stumbled upon the below video interview of Mekhi Phifer while on the set of an upcoming indie feature film he co-stars in titled The Love Section. News to me… I checked his IMDB page and saw it listed there as “in production,” as it now clearly is.

The rom-com is being directed by Ronnie Warner, from a script written by Lawrence B. Adisa, who also stars in the movie, along with Omar Miller, JB Smoove and Brian Hooks as the above image shows.

Synopsis reads:

Ali, a real estate agent who likes a different girl in his bed every night and has never committed to anything or anyone, is thrown for a loop when he meets Sandrine, a single mom who works hard and is looking for love. Once they start dating everything seems to change, Ali cuts off his line of women, and Sandrine welcomes a man into her home to meet her son for the first time. They become one big happy family, until Ali starts questioning just how committed he’s willing to be. For the first time it looks like Ali may be changing his ways, but with all the obstacles that keep getting thrown their way, it’s hard to resist temptation. In the end will love conquer all? Or will broken hearts be all that’s left of their romance?

Adisa plays Ali; no word on what roles the other actors play, or what actress is bringing Sandrine to life.

As for Mr Phifer, he’s certainly busy enough, currently prepping to make his Broadway debut in Stick Fly, which opens on December 8.

Watch the Love Section on set interview with Phifer, as well as director Ronnie Warner and producer Paul Goldsby.