Former Spice Girl Mel B wasn’t keen on her daughter Phoenix Brown recreating her old wardrobe.

The internet went wild in December 2022 when Brown’s Scary Spice photo was posted to Instagram — and yes, it featured some of her mom’s iconic Spice Girls looks from the past. The 48-year-old revealed her feelings about the shoot and joked that her daughter borrowing her clothes made her “so pissed” and “annoyed” when she saw the photos. 

“So I’m looking on Instagram, and she sends me through this flurry of pictures,” she said in a recent interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “That looks a bit like me.” 

Brown recreated several outfits from Spice World movie posters, Spice Up Your Life cover art, and the 1996 music video.

“She’s got all my bloody outfits on! The b*tch stole my look and went into my wardrobe, and I’m like, you better bring all that stuff back right now because they’re my clothes,” she continued.

Mel B described seeing her daughter dressed in Spice Girls costumes as a “trip.” During the interview, she also recalled how the Spice Girls were broke and had to make their performance outfits by hand.  

“Spice Girls, we’re very much a homegrown band. So, we used to style ourselves, we did our own music, we begged producers and co-writers to work with us on the promise that when we’re rich and famous we’ll pay you back (we never did).”  

Brown’s photoshoot is another example of their close bond. Over the summer, the mother-daughter duo worked together on a shoot for the Own Your Confidence campaign launched by lingerie company Pour Moi. The Spice Girl posed in swimsuits and lingerie alongside her mother and Brown to boost women’s confidence.

“My 24-year-old gone and said to me, ‘Yeah mum, you’re cool, but you’re really cool now because everything you wore back in the ’90s has come back ’round,'” Mel B to Fallon.