Everyone is aware of the repulsive sexism attributed to the pussy-grabber-in-chief. We've seen it demonstrated in his misogynistic politics and heard it from his own mouth. It's disgusting, and apparently, we're not the only one's who think so. Throughout Donald Trump's 102 days occupying the office of the presidency, Melania Trump has been disinclined to embrace her role as First Lady.  I mean, can we blame her? 

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Concealing her disgust for her husband seems to be the struggle of Melania's life, but could it be that FLOTUS 45 has taken her boldness to the next level? 

Yesterday, writer Andy Ostroy posted a tweet of the now infamous inauguration gif of Melania posted above, he captioned it with "seems the only #Wall @realDonaldTrump's built is the one between him and @FLOTUS #Melania #trump."

Here's the gag though, the tweet was liked by the official account of Melania Trump.

Despite Ostroy's initial doubts, not only did the like come from Melania's verified, official Twitter account, it's the first tweet action the account has seen in months. Though the tweet has since been deleted, we can't help but wonder if Melania is secretly part of the Trump resistance. 

Ya'll, could Melania Trump be the First Lady of Petty?  We'll be watching you, girl.

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