Poster for Pete Chatmon's "Black Card" This trailer for the next Pete Chatmon picture definitely has my attention, and I’m looking forward to checking out the entire film when the time comes!

For now, here’s what you need to know, in brief… 

Titled "BlackCard," the short film stars Dorian Missick, Simone Missick & Hisham Tawfiq, with Stephen Hill, Erika Myers, Malikha Mallette, April Matthis, and Valence Thomas rounding out the cast.
Synopsis: In a culture requiring an ID card and commitment to the code, an African-American couple is about to find out just how far the boundaries can be pushed. It would be just another day for Leonard, except The Commission, a shadow organization tasked with keeping members up to snuff on their “blackness”, is hot on his trail for his latest infraction. An afternoon with the love of his life, Lona, goes off course as a missing ID card escalates into questions of loyalty, life, and love…

Pete Chatmon directs from a script penned by Tony Patrick.

I’m sure, here on S&A, I don’t need to elaborate on what having a "Black Card" means. For the uninitiated, I’ll just point you to the Urban Dictionary for further assistance. Of course, you’ll probably remember the 1994 satire "Drop Squad."

The film has a Facebook page which you can access here:

Check out the trailer below; and underneath it, you’ll find some behind-the-scenes video on the film’s making:

Directing & Blocking Scene 7:

Writer Tony Patrick on the Concept:

Working on the Score with Composer ELEW:

Dorian and Simone Missick Discuss the Concept: