On Thursday, Twitter user @TylerIAm started adding memes to historical facts. Soon a hashtag #memehistory was birthed. Twitter users outdid themselves by adding their own hilarious meme interpretations of major historical events. If only these memes filled the powerpoints and textbooks of our history classes!


Biblical History

Chapter 1: Creation

Chapter 2: Noah’s Ark

Chapter 3: The Birth of Jesus

Chapter 4: The Miracles of Jesus

Chapter 5: The Betrayal of Christ

Chapter 6: The Resurrection of Christ

Ancient History

Chapter 7: The Trojan War

Chapter 8: The Assassination of Caesar

Chapter 9: The burning of Rome

European History

Chapter 10: King Henry VIII

Chapter 11: French-Canadian War

Chapter 12: French Revolution

United States History

Chapter 13: The “discovery” of America

Chapter 14: The Founding of the Colonies

Chapter 15: The Salem Witch Trials

Chapter 16: The Revolutionary War

Chapter 17: The Louisiana Purchase

Chapter 18: The Enslavement of African People

Chapter 19: The Civil War

Chapter 20: The Titanic

Chapter 21: World War One

Chapter 22: Prohibition

Chapter 23: The Election of FDR

Chapter 24: Music History

Chapter 25: The Red Scare

Chapter 26: The Fight for Civil Rights

Chapter 27: The Cuban Missile Crisis

Chapter 28: Kennedy Assassination

Chapter 29: The Watergate Scandal

Chapter 30: Black Power Movement

Chapter 31: Reagan Assassination Attempt

Chapter 32: The End of Cold War

Chapter 33: The Clinton Affair

Chapter 34: The 2000 Election

Chapter 35: The War on Terror

Chapter 36: Hurricane Katrina

Chapter 37: President Obama’s Election

Chapter 38: Zero Dark Thirty

Best. History. Lesson. Ever.


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