During the star-studded red carpet premiere of Alex Cross, earlier this week in Hollywood, Black Dynamite star Michael Jai White stopped to chat with Crave Online, and, of course there was conversation about the long-discussed sequel to Black Dynamite.

But first, recalling out June post on the sequel, on press day for the then upcoming Black Dynamite animated series, Michael Jai White revealed to, also to Crave Online that Black Dynamite the live-action movie was always meant to be a franchise – specifically, a trilogy of films with the same cast, and that they were developing ideas for the next 2 films.

His words:

“What Byron [Minns] and I always intended is we always thought from the beginning of a trilogy, Black Dynamite being one of a trilogy that would occur in that time period that starred essentially the same cast… We have some really funny ideas of other movies that are in that real vibrant time period. We’re trying to decide which would be the next step to do in that trilogy.”

Skip ahead 4 months to this week's red carpet revelation that they're getting closer to something that would be more of an homage to Blazing Saddles, the 1974 satirical Western comedy directed by Mel Brooks, and starring Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder

The interview pressed for a bit more info which led White to add that it'll also be a Western comedy, but with more of a Buck & The Preacher bent; he doesn't say, but I think he's referring to the satirical comedy style of Blazing Saddles mixed with the more dramatic content of Buck & The Preacher – the 1972 Western starring Sidney Poitier as Buck and Harry Belafonte as the Preacher – a trail guide leading groups of former slaves trying to homestead in the West, immediately after the American Civil War, and a swindling minister. Together, they protect a wagon train from bounty hunters.

That's my take. You guys might read something different.

Or maybe it'll be something with anachronistic elements. Or our heroes go back into the past, not-so unlike that French comedy, Case Départ (Back To Square One), about slavery that generated a ton of comments on this blog.

As we already know, there has been lots of talk about a sequel to the 2009 cult hit, but nothing concrete yet.

I believe our last post on this included a quote from White saying that he hoped to start shooting the sequel by the end of this year.

And definitely no word on what the potential threequel in the trilogy.

Although White did add:

“There’s some other stuff to do with Black Dynamite… Some of these other things we’re really excited about developing.”

Your guess is as good as ours.

Watch the interview below: