Mood indigo.. Mood Indigo… you’re saying to yourself.
Where have I heard about that film before?

Well it was way back in Jan 2013 when Tambay first wrote
about Michel Gondry’s visually fanciful romance movie, which was scheduled to open here
last year.

However, the film which co-stars Omar Sy (The Intouchables, X Men Days of Future Past) and Aissa Magia, along with Romain Duris and Audrey
, and which deals with a “wealthy couple that endure hardship when she
falls ill with the strange ailment of “water lily in the lung,

never saw the light of day here.

But if you’re in the Chicago area, and more than curious
to finally see the film, which was nominated for three Cesar awards, it will be screened at the 2nd Annual Chicago Film Critics Festival, which runs this
year, from May 9-15 at the Music Box Theater.

Take a look at trailer below which has all the hallmarks
of the Gondry film: