Miley Cyrus has been in the limelight for most of her life. Over the years, she’s been a mainstay in pop culture due to her being the star of her hit Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, accompanied by the prolific nature of her music career– eight studio albums, multiple tours and more.

She’s cultivated tangible, real-life connections with some of the biggest and most influential stars ever. In particular, some that she’s particularly fond of include Beyoncé and Rihanna

In a recent episode of her Used to Be Young” TikTok series, the “Party in the USA” singer recollected on collaborating with the two mega stars for a 2008 group performance for Stand Up to Cancer and how wonderful that experience was for her, according to a Billboard report.

In addition to Beyoncé and Rihanna, the performance consisted of a bevy of remarkable artists, including Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, Carrie Underwood and more.

Reflecting from a place of pure joy, Cyrus talked about the performance.

“What I remember most from doing this performance is I was standing in between two of the big legends and icons that I was looking up to at the time, and they treated me like a little sister the entire time,” she said. “They were being really sweet.”

While she was only 15 then, the now 32-year-old recognized this was an impressive feat.

“I got brackets on the back of my teeth, and I’m singing with Beyoncé,” Cyrus boasted.

In addition to sharing the stage with her, Cyrus credited Rihanna with giving her some solid dance moves to boost the performance.

Known for “working relentlessly to offer the newest, most effective, and most promising cancer treatments,” the Stand Up to Cancer telethon had the female collective sing a song entitled “Just Stand Up,” with Cyrus and Rihanna responsible for the pre-chorus portion of the performance as a duet. 

“Rihanna gave me this choreo,” Cyrus said, Billboard reported, pointing out a moment where the two ladies mime brushing off their shoulders on cue to the lyric “if you fall, dust it off.”

Since those days, Cyrus has taken some time to heal since her ultra-public divorce from Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.

During one of her performances last year, Cyrus allowed a fan to propose to their lover on stage. Following the precious moment, she spoke about her failed marriage.

“Forever b***h, yasss! Congratulations! Honey, I hope your marriage goes better than mine. Mine was a f**king disaster.”