One person was stabbed and taken to a trauma center with critical injuries when supporters of President Donald Trump clashed with counter-protesters in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. Two officers also faced undisclosed injuries while 20 people were arrested in the mayhem, NBC Washington reported. Some were arrested for firearms violations, while others were booked for assaulting an officer, simple assault and disorderly conduct. 

The Trump supporters came together in downtown Washington, D.C. to protest the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, which was decided a week ago when president-elect Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris were declared as the winners.   

One Trump supporter is heard defending himself during the confrontation.

"Because I'm voting for President Trump, automatically I'm racist? That's insane," he said. 

Supporters of the president have been voicing their anger throughout the week, fueled by Trump's baseless allegations about voter fraud. According to CNN, the soon-to-be former president has filed lawsuits in battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona, but never actually provided any evidence of fraud.

"As the Trump campaign has come forward with its legal arguments, they haven't really produced any facts or legal theory that's stronger than when they started," CNN analyst Rick Hasen said.

The Trump supporters who came together in Washington D.C. included right-wing activists, conspiracy theorists and members of the white nationalist group, the Proud Boys, NPR reported. Some of the demonstrators referred to the protest as the Million MAGA March, while others called it the March for Trump and Stop the Steal D.C.

The protest started peacefully in the afternoon, with hundreds of demonstrators gathering in Freedom Plaza near the White House, reports NPR. But tensions escalated in the evening as Trump supporters clashed with counter-protesters. A small group of the Trump supporters were harassed as they were trying to enter the area around Black Lives Matter Plaza according to NBC Washington. The counter-protesters doused the group with water and snatched their MAGA hats and pro-Trump flags as police tried to control the violence. 

The groups were seen punching and shoving each other. One man who was attacked by several people was picked up and walked to police while covered in blood. 

Video posted to Twitter captured an unidentified person throwing fireworks towards an outdoor dining area in the plaza. The footage also shows demonstrators from both sides shouting at each other as police tried to intervene.  

The president went to Twitter as usual to add more fuel to the fire, labeling his supporters as the victims and generalizing all other groups as Antifa.

According to NPR, the hundreds of Trump supporters who gathered throughout the day were mostly seen without masks. A day earlier, the U.S. set a new daily record of 184,000 confirmed coronavirus cases. Trump also made an appearance during the rally, riding past demonstrators in his motorcade and waving to supporters as they held signs reading "Best prez ever" and "Stop the steal."

As the president continues his effort to prove Biden's victory was somehow fraudulent, Democratic and Republican officials have affirmed that there is no sign of fraud anywhere.

"There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised," the Department of Homeland Security said in a joint statement with officials representing both parties.