It seems whenever we mention certain raptors (rappers-turned-actors) on this blog, we seem to get a plethora of moans and groans from S&A readers. And yes, some of us have taken our own swipes regarding a few of them as well–rightfully so in my opinion. Considering the vast pool of talent one can pick from for a film, it’s hard to believe that producers still resort to this practice. However, while ruminating over the directorial debut of The Man With The Iron Fist being helmed by RZA, I started to wonder…Who can be considered great raptors?

Of course, it’s easy to pick out the most successful raptors which include Will Smith, Queen Latifah and Mark Wahlberg. Yet, so many variables come into play when you think of “the best.” An easier list would be “the worst” raptors. That would be filled beyond capacity.

Some are smart enough to find a niche and stick with it, never venturing off into other territory (I’m looking at you Ice T). While others find particular genres that work and stay in their lane (waving to Ice Cube). Yet, there are a few who’ve shown a hopeful spark but haven’t had a real chance to shine in any particular part (think Xzibit).

The most successful productions seem to have raptors playing parts that mirror their on-stage persona. Eminem in 8 Mile and TI in ATL comes to mind. Mos Def tends to be regarded as one of the best and, in my opinion, if Tupac were alive he quite possibly would have shared that distinction as well. Honorable mentions can go to Heavy D and Method Man.

Then you have the unexplainable…SeanP DiddyCombs and 50 Cent. Do I really need to say more? So the question I pose to you is…Who are the best raptors? And just for chuckles, who’s the worst?