A Mississippi health official is blaming maskless white people for the spike in coronavirus cases. Thomas Dobbs made his comments in a press conference earlier this month, highlighting the concerning trend of the pandemic in recent weeks and the troubling outlook for the near future. 

"I think big parts of the white community, especially in areas that maybe weren’t as hard-affected, have not been as compliant or engaged actively with social distancing and masking," Dobbs said. "And I think that does make a difference.”

According to CNN,  Black Mississippians accounted for about 60% of the state's cases and deaths early on during the pandemic. But the shift is now changing, with whites in Mississippi accounting for a greater COVID-19 death toll and a large number of cases. 

“We’ve seen a pretty remarkable shift because early on, African Americans accounted for basically two-thirds, or 60% or more, of cases and deaths,” Dobbs told CNN. “Then over the summer, and especially going into the fall, we’ve seen that shift basically upside down. Sixty-percent of new cases are caucasians and the deaths are nearing that also.”