A judge in the trial of the officer charged in the death of Walter Scott has declared a mistrial in the case after receiving another note that the jury remains deadlocked.  This is according to Charleston S.C.'s Live 5 News.

Former Officer Michael Slager in shooting death of Walter Scott after killing him during a traffic stop. The jury was supposed to decide if Slager was guilty of murder, voluntary manslaughter, or not guilty on the basis of self-defense. The jury was told to decide whether Slager is guilty of either murder or voluntary manslaughter or not guilty on the basis of self-defense.

The judge in the case, Judge Clifton Newman, dismissed a request for a mistrial from the defense after the first note from the jury came in. According to Newman, the jury had questions about the difference between murder and voluntary manslaughter, as well as malice and self-defense when it comes to police officers and private citizens.

All the notes received have indicated that one juror would not agree with the rest of them. A note read:

"I understand the position of the court, but I cannot in good conscience consider a guilty verdict. I respect the position of my fellow jurors, some of which oppose my position. I expect those who hold opposing views to change their minds because I see them as good, honest people, therefore I regret to say we may never reach an unanimous decision. As you stated, we must follow the instructions you have given us, and the law. We all struggle with the death of a man and with all that has been put before us. I still cannot, without a reasonable doubt convict the defendant. At the same time, my heart does not want to have to tell the Scott family that the man that killed their son, brother and father is innocent. But with the choices, I cannot and will not change my mind."

The foreman (also known as the spokesperson for the jury) said in a note "It's just one juror that has the issues. That juror needs to leave. He is having issues."

We'll keep you updated on the latest in this case.

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