Destini Davis, a mother of two, went viral on TikTok after telling her followers about her nontraditional parenting skills where instead of giving her daughter an allowance for chores, she gives her daughter money in exchange for her hobbies. 

“I want my daughter to know and have a positive association with money and feel like I can choose something that I feel good about,” Davis said.


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“I incentive her passion so that she can be more disciplined in it. But, I do not incentivize with money things that she does not enjoy doing. Is that weird?” she continued.

Davis is aware that her way of parenting is not common and when she shared the video on TikTok she knew it would be met with opposition.

“And I knew that it was going to be controversial. A lot of people are like that’s a good idea and some people are like they don’t think that’s a good idea. It’ll take away her joy for the sport and just the difference between internal and external motivations and stuff like that,” Davis said.