In an apparent upset to his mother, 5th-ranked wideout, Jacob Copeland committed to the University of Florida on national signing day. His mother, who was wearing an Alabama sweat-shirt, did not hesitate to show her disapproval.   

In the video, Copeland's mom seemed to be taken aback after the student athlete chooses the University of Florida's Gators cap instead of hats representing Alabama and Tennessee.

Instead of celebrating, his mother immediately got up and awkwardly walked away during her son's interview, while cameras were rolling.

Copeland, who seemed stunned by his mother's move at first, had divine advice for why he went against his mother wishes. 

"God lead me…God led me in the direction that my heart desires and I followed along with it," Copeland said.

Copeland and his mom have since reconciled.

Either way, you have our congrats, young man!