The saga between Mo’Nique and D.L. Hughley continues. Mo’Nique and her husband Sidney Hicks are continuing to explain their side of the story regarding Mo’Nique’s supposed headliner status at a recent Detroit comedy show.

According to Atlanta Black Star, Mo’Nique and Hicks went on Instagram Live for about an hour Wednesday after Hughley sounded off on his radio show about Mo’Nique’s on-stage tirade about Hughley allegedly wanting Mo’Nique not to headline the comedy event.

Mo'Nique claimed in the Instagram Live that Hughley took her jokes about his sexuality (including making fun of his name "D.L." in relation to the phrase "down low") too seriously.

“Well, I thought I was coming back being clever, making a joke. ‘Cause you know back in the day when somebody was on the DL, you know what they were. I don’t think you’re a homosexual man. I was making a joke,” she said, adding, “I can’t believe you got tender.”


She also revealed that she had personal grief with Hughley for much longer than the contract issue, alleging that Hughley's radio co-host disrespected her with a "would you rather" joke about having sex and that Hughley had talked about her and her business practices on other outlets.

“See you got tender after you talked for years. So let me be clear to you babies watching. Saturday night, I don’t care where I went up on that stage, I was going to hand D.L. Hughley his a– because through the years I’ve listened to this man speak so freely about my poor decisions, my life choices. And he spoke as if we had a conversation sitting down talking.”

She said she thought she was safe with Hughley because they had spent time together, particularly at a party Mo'Nique hosted to watch the Mike Tyson fight in the '90s. According to her and Hicks, she felt "blindsided" by Hughley's alleged backstabbing.

However, on his radio show, Hughley said that he hadn’t seen Mo’Nique in years. While he did say that he was at her house years ago, he said that he was invited–a fact that Mo’Nique does back up in her Instagram Live. But since then, Hughley had sidestepped working with Mo’Nique because of what he had heard about her. But he decided to take a chance on her and, as he said, it was a “mistake.” He also called working with Mo’Nique “an occupational hazard,” calling her “a queen of ashes.”

Watch Mo'Nique and Hicks' full video below.