It’s time for another update in Mo’Nique’s ongoing saga with Oprah Winfrey.

The actress and comedian recently made amends with Lee Daniels and starred in his upcoming film, The Deliverance. But while they have buried the hatchet, Mo’Nique is still on the warpath when it comes to Winfrey. According to Atlanta Black Star, Mo’Nique recently posted a video on Instagram with the caption, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video was worth a million to me. My deepest gratitude to the individuals who made this piece and for accurately stating the facts.”

The video was comprised of clips including Mo'Nique talking about her issues with Perry and Winfrey over the 10 years she has talked about it in the media

One of the clips were also from Winfrey’s 2010 interview with Mo’Nique’s brother, Gerald Imes, who Mo’Nique said sexually abused her as a child. In the interview, Imes apologized for his actions.

In the clips that followed, Mo'Nique said to Barbara Walters that Winfrey reached out to her before she filmed her episode with Imes, but Winfrey allegedly didn't tell her that Mo'Nique's mother would also be part of the interview.

Mo’Nique said that if she knew that, she would have told Winfrey not to do the interview at all.

In the video, Mo’Nique talks about how she idolized Winfrey since they both grew up in abusive households and Mo’Nique saw her as a role model. Because Winfrey did the interview with her family regarding her abuse, Mo’Nique felt betrayed.

Even though she has made peace with Daniels, the video also reignites conversation about Mo'Nique's issues with Daniels, which started when she claimed she was blackballed for not wanting to do an international press tour, including attending Cannes, for 'Precious.'

Mo’Nique said that she wanted to spend more time with her family, but for that, she was locked out of the industry.

It’s also unclear how far along Mo’Nique and Tyler Perry are in their efforts to close the gap, but as of 2021, 50 Cent claimed he “squashed” the beef between them.

Watch the full video below.


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