Several Black men and women rallied behind a Black security guard a group of white boaters attacked on Saturday at Montgomery’s Riverfront Park in Alabama.

The viral incident has since circulated on social media, with many praising the Black bystanders for stepping in and defending the guard for doing his job. USA Today reported that the worker had advised the group to move their pontoon boat since the area was reserved for the Harriott II Riverboat.

In one video, the guard exchanged words with a white man before another charged at him. The Black man then tossed his hat in the air, and the fight began as the two men continued throwing jabs at each other. Several white people began beating and attacking him as people yelled in the background.

What happened next was an act of solidarity among Black people, who stepped in to help the man. Several people from the shore jumped in and fought the white boaters. One Black man leaped from the riverboat and swam to participate in the scrimmage. The fight intensified as additional people showed up, using their hands and feet to fight off the white group.

A group of Black men showed up at the pontoon boat, and another fight broke out. In the video, one person fell into the water from the dock, and someone hit a white man in the back with a white folding chair. Montgomery Police Department responded to the scene around 7 p.m., and multiple people were arrested following the brawl, per USA Today.

Social media users on X, formerly known as Twitter, didn’t hesitate to share their thoughts on what many deemed as an ancestral beatdown.

“The fact that the port of the brawl in Montgomery Alabama was the same port where slaves were separated from their families before being sold just makes that ass whooping 100x better. THAT WAS AN ANCESTRAL ASS WHOOPIN,” one user said.

“The ancestors watching the Montgomery Alabama brawl,” another user wrote with a meme and smiley-heart face emoji.

“When bro came in swimming, it reminded me of how I felt when everybody pulled up on Avengers: Endgame, bro put hope in everybody heart,” a third user tweeted.

“There’s just something about those snow crickets losing that Alabama brawl that brings me peace,” another user said with a meme image.

According to WSFA, police issued four active warrants on Sunday for members involved in the fight, and charges are pending. The incident is under investigation as authorities review multiple videos from the public and surveillance footage from the park.