Stedman Graham (probably better known to the average American as Oprah Winfrey's significant other, but is an accomplished businessman in his own right) will receive the 2012 Career Achievement Award in recognition of his entire professional career at the 2012 Montreal International Black Film Festival.  

From the festival:

The Festival recognizes his extraordinary contribution to corporations and non-profit organizations through training in identity development, leadership, diversity training, personal wellness and personal and professional branding. The Festival will also pay tribute to his community involvement and philanthropy, particularly concerning youth.

Stedman will also present a conference entitled "The Nine-Step Plan for Success" at the film festival.

The Montreal International Black Film Festival considers itself much more than your average film festival, as Fabienne Colas, President and founder of the festival states, We want the festival to be a place of inspiration, motivation and development for filmmakers, but also for individuals who want to further their professional and personal lives. We have the privilege of hosting Stedman Graham as the first of what is sure to be many great speakers, and to award him with the Festival's Career Excellence Award.” 

The festival runs from September 19 to 30, 2012.

I wonder if Oprah will be there with him.