The Bill Cosby trial’s plot is thickening for sure.

New York Magazine reports that details from Cosby’s 2005 controversial police interview have finally being revealed in court.

Today, on the 4th day of testimony at Montgomery County Courthouse, Cosby’s own words regarding former Temple University sports director Andrea Constand and her sexual assault accusations reverberated throughout the courthouse located right outside of Philadelphia.

Although Cosby himself did not take the stand, the police interview was read.

“There was petting and touching of private parts,” Cosby said to to police in 2005.

Cosby admitted in that he and Constand were involved in a casual and consensual relationship.

He noted that he provided her Benadryl pills because she had trouble sleeping, and said that he used the same pills to relieve his own sleeping ailments.

Per Cosby’s statement, the two engaged in “petting” and “touching and kissing with clothes on” before he went to bed.

The words were contrary to Constand’s testimony yesterday, where she claimed Cosby never initially expressed any romantic interest toward her, and that she did not consent to any of his advances that night.

Constand remembered the pills being blue; however, the pills Cosby showed to police during the taking of his statement were pink, green and white.

During her testimony, she maintained that she was not able to consent to any sexual contact since she was under the influence, and only came to complete consciousness the morning after the assault, when she noticed her bra was undone and her clothes were disheveled.

Chelten Township policeman Richard Schaffer, shared more intimate details gleaned during the police interview with Cosby.

Officer Schaffer told the court that Cosby told him, “I never intended to have sexual intercourse [with Constand].”

Schaffer said Cosby did claim that the initial “petting” happened, but that the interaction didn’t go further due to her rejecting his advances. “My impression,” Cosby told police during the interview, “was she just didn’t want to go that far.”

It is unclear whether Constand and Cosby stayed in touch after the night of the alleged drugging and assault. Constand did eventually leave her position at Temple and relocated to Toronto.

In another turn of events, after being confronted by Constand’s mother on the phone — a conversation that was believed to have been recorded — Cosby offered to pay for Constand’s graduate school education.

Cosby’s explanation to investigators was that he thought of himself as a “father figure” or “mentor” and he suspected Constand suffered from a learning disability or ADD. He claimed to have suggested that she move to Canada to pursue a career as a massage therapist.

We’ll be reporting updates as they arise.