Forest WhitakerAs mentioned in Monday's Wrap-Up post on the LA Film Festival, JuntoBox Films, an online collaborative film studio co-chaired by Forest Whitaker, has announced the greelight of its next two films – Anthem and Sacrifice.

At the JuntoBox greenlight event at L.A. Live on Sunday, Whitaker explained, “The JuntoBox community has curated an exceptional pool of talent and stories. While it was incredibly tough to narrow down the selection, we have greenlit two compelling stories, ANTHEM and SACRIFICE, that we feel will make outstanding additions to our roster.”

More details from the official press release below:

Along with the two chosen films and the company’s first project, “Passenger”, which was selected at SXSW earlier this year, JuntoBox Films will be greenlighting a total of five films in 2012. The company will tap into the JuntoBox community to cast and find production crews for the projects.


·       ANTHEM: Written and created by John Carr, “Anthem” showcases the story of an ousted champion speedskater seeking redemption by training an autistic teen struggling to join an elite speedskating program. JuntoBox will be selecting a director for the film.

·       SACRIFICE: Written and to be directed by Michael Cohn, “Sacrifice” follows four teenage boys from a small Texas town as they come face to face with their own conscience after a tragic accident leaves them questioning their decisions and falling deeper and deeper into a web of consequences.

Through social collaboration and crowdsourcing the filmmaking process, JuntoBox Films gives independent filmmakers the opportunity for their films to be financed, produced and distributed, with support and mentorship from industry professionals, including Forest Whitaker. Once a project is created on JuntoBox, filmmakers have the opportunity to rise up through the five levels of development by building their film’s profile. JuntoBox members then rate and vote on projects that will ultimately be selected and greenlit. The company will be greenlighting five films in 2012.

Find more on JuntoBox Films at their website HERE.