Morgan, the character Lennie James played throughout the series, didn’t make an appearance during the most recent season of The Walking Dead, to the dismay of some. There was speculation that we might see him in an episode or two, as we did the previous season. No such luck. 

But, in a recent interview with Larry King, showrunner Scott M. Gimple shared that the character would definitely return next season, in a Q&A session during which he answered several viewer questions. Fans of the series will want to watch the interview in full.

Specifically about Morgan, Gimple states:

“I am so determined to make that happen, by hook or by crook. I can say definitively yes!”  

Gimple also answers questions about expectations for other characters for the coming season, as well as time and date/setting specifics. Of course, he couldn’t answer every question asked; can’t give it all away before the season comes.

He doesn’t say how exactly Morgan will return, and how he’ll be worked into the season, so that will have to remain a mystery until it isn’t any longer.

Watch the full interview below: