I guess with all the popularity of the “Mortal Kombat” web series, which we first featured way back on our old site see here, New Line Cinema has taken notice and have decided to give the franchise a reboot…

According to Mike Flemming of Deadline:

“New Line Cinema is bringing back Mortal Kombat, setting up a live-action reboot of the martial arts-heavy franchise that will be written by Oren Uziel and directed by Kevin Tancharoen.”

Flemming also stated in his article that New Line [Cinema] is keeping the plot of the film “under wraps.” Do you think they’ll be using any of the talent from the web series, in particular Michael Jai White? That’s one to think about! I remember seeing the first incarnation of the, video game-to-film franchise, at the theaters when it was released. It was a really fun movie to watch, even if the one-liners were sometimes corny. I, being a huge video game geek-tress at the time was overjoyed. I use to kick major Mortal Kombat ass on the game controllers (*sighs* oh those were the days!). It will be great to see if they create whole new characters, use the established ones and how they’ll visualize them for another film release.

Happy, happy, joy joy and please keep Mr.White…New Line, you owe it to yourself not to make a misstep on that!

Until next time!