TikTok star Mrs. Netta is known for showing off the delicious meals she whips up for her partner Charles, but she let someone else handle the cooking this week.

AL.com shared the citings of Mrs. Netta and Charles as they made their way around Birmingham, visiting the city’s hottest restaurants. The viral couple’s first stop was for a sweet treat at K&J’s Elegant Pastries on Jan. 21. Celebrity baker and chef Kristal Bryant served them her famous milkshakes. Mrs. Netta marveled at Bryant’s red velvet cheesecake and Oreo cheesecake milkshakes. “Oh my God, this is so beautiful!” she said.

The sugar-coated event almost turned sour when Mrs. Netta caught Bryant attempting to feed Charles ice cream while Mrs. Netta went to use the restroom. Although Mrs. Netta had to tell Bryant that was a no-no, she still told her TikTok audience how delicious the milkshakes tatsed.

“Me and Charles went by @kjselegantpastries in Birmingham, AL for some GOOOOOOOOOOD dessert and the lady tried to feed my man! I know it’s on!!!!! Don’t NOBODY feed Charles BUT ME,” her Instagram caption read.


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A few days later, on Jan. 23, Mrs.Netta and Charles made their way to Yo Mama’s. As always, she called Charles to the table using her famous tagline: “Charles, your lunch is ready!” Charles confirmed that Yo Mama’s chicken and waffles had a “crunch,” just like Mrs. Netta’s and his mother’s; Mrs. Netta approved of the restaurant’s homemade waffles and syrup.

Mrs. Netta and Charles have taken social media by storm with their hilarious skits and outlandish lives. Blavity covered their rise to fame, from Charles reviewing the daily four-course meals Mrs.Netta made for him with love to the recent announcement of their upcoming television show, which is expected to premiere this March.

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