2013 was a lousy year for MSNBC. First there’s the network’s sinking ratings and then that whole Alec Baldwin debacle which everyone knew was going to be a
train wreck; and it was.

Then if things couldn’t get any worse, there was the whole
controversy over Martin Bashir and
his negative remarks about Sarah Palin, which forced him (rather more like the network forced him) to resign from
his 4PM show.

With Bashir gone, immediately there was talk about who
would take over his slot, and everyone said that the only obvious choice was
MSNBC regular contributor and political know-it-all Joy-Ann Reid. She’s been the most dependable “go to” person on the
network for a long time now, and she’s smart, savvy with a fantastic knowledge about
the inner workings of politics.

Not only that, but she has proven over and over again
that she’s a smooth and professional TV host, regularly subbing on several MSNBC
shows. In fact, Reid has been filling in for Bashir since his exit from the show.  Furthermore, in one recent online poll asking
readers to vote for who they wanted to be Bashir’s replacement, Reid was the
overwhelming No.1 choice. Who else is more suited to take over his slot

Even MSNBC president Phil
hinted to the media a few months ago that there was something
definitely in the works for Reid on the network.

That’s why, today, Griffin announced today that Now host Alex Wagner would be taking over Bashir’s place, starting on January 13th. Quoting Griffin: “Alex
is an incredible talent and her voice is a perfect lead-in to our evening

So I guess that makes Reid just hired help.

But wait! That would mean there’s still an open slot, since Wagner is moving her daily 12 noon show to 4PM. There’s an open slot
available at 12 noon for a new show, with a new host. 

Well, not so fast! Most
likely the time slot will go to Ronan Farrow,
a human rights lawyer with zero previous experience as a journalist
or in politics (and the son of actress Mia
and Frank Sinatra). He has been publicly promised a day time slot
for his own show by Griffin from the moment Farrow signed on with the network.

Talk about white male privilege. What other reason is there for it? Meanwhile, poor Joy-Ann is left out in the cold again.  

When is her contract up? Maybe there could be greener
pastures somewhere else. CNN? Fox News? Hey
don’t laugh. Suppose Fox offered her a show; who thinks she wouldn’t
take it, and not bring some sanity to the network? Stranger things have