To be frank, if it weren't for Naomie Harris' involvement in this, I probably wouldn't be much interested in seeing it. I'm ready for another 007 redo; or maybe just an very long break away from the franchise entirely.

"Eve kicks ass. I'm loving it at the moment. I am such a pacifist, I never thought I would enjoy firing guns but, in the safety of the gun range and at a target board, it's so much fun," she said in an interview.

Harris is aware that, despite being in high profile films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Miami Vice, she's been pretty much under the radar publicly and actually likes it. "It's great I can be pretty anonymous. After the launch, my face was everywhere in the papers and on the news. I was worried. But, amazingly, I was still able to get on and off the bus and no one recognised me," she said.

Well, I bet once the movie is released about a month from now, she may not be able to get on and off the bus so covertly. 

In a new video blog, the actress talks about her multi-layered character.