As parents across the country prepare their children for the next chapter in their lives, CBS Mornings co-host Nate Burleson recently shared a poignant moment celebrating his son’s journey to college.

Burleson’s 18-year-old son, Nehemiah, will attend the University of Nevada, where he will play on the school’s football team alongside his older brother, 20-year-old Nathaniel II, CBS News reported.

The former NFL player and his family hosted an intimate gathering over the weekend to commemorate Nehemiah’s college sendoff. A video capturing the event’s speech was featured on CBS Mornings “Talk of the Table” segment Thursday.

“I know you’re going to graduate top of your class. If you want to be in the NFL you can do that, but it’s all a bonus for me. I’m already proud of you. I love you deeply,” Burleson tearfully told his son in the video, per CBS News.


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He emphasized his role as a family man, expressing that his wife and three children were the “best thing” that had ever happened to him.

While children may feel pressured to make their parents proud, Burleson assured everyone that his son had already accomplished that.

“You don’t ever have to feel pressured to make me proud. You did that already,” Burleson said before the pair embraced. “I love you, man. Congratulations.”

Burleson, already emotional, shared some heartfelt advice for parents, urging them to make a concerted effort to attend all the special moments in their children’s lives, as they grow up so quickly.

“We hear from older parents all the time. They say, ‘Time flies. Enjoy every moment.’ It really does. So, show up for your kids. Show up to everything … recitals, AAU games. And they’re not tedious tasks. Try if you can to enjoy every little moment,” he said on CBS Mornings.

With Nathaniel II and Nehemiah gone, Burleson shared how their home is quieter now that only his daughter remains. However, he confirmed he would give her the same speech when she goes off to college in four years.

“The next four years or so are going to be great and we’ll be there cheering [Nehemiah] on,” Burleson said on the show.