The National Film Board of Canada has put out a call for submissions from emerging Canadian filmmakers and artists intrigued by animation art, for the 9th edition of Hothouse, a 12-week paid apprenticeship in full-on, all-inclusive, real-world animation filmmaking.

Selected apprentices will dive into the realm of abstract animation with impressionistic storytelling, the press release states.

The best art – be it frenetic expressionism or historical novels – tell stories that can be limned by audiences through visceral emotional engagement or resonant characters, contexts, or pathos. This year, we want you to plumb your creative imagination in the former; to tap our inherent human need to hear stories, but to do so with the tools of sound, shapes, and movement.

To help get you started on this adventure, we’re providing ten one-minute music pieces crafted by five talented Montreal composers and musicians. Choose one of the music pieces and build your concept around that starting point. We’ll reveal the composers at the end of the selection process.

Click here for the 10 tracks.

Check out full submission details here.