NBC anchor Kristen Welker was awarded with a mostly favorable response from the public after she moderated the third 2020 presidential debate on Thursday between President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden. Many viewers credited Welker for maintaining order in the debate, which was much more tame than the first presidential debate of the year last month. 

The general consensus concluded that the moderator was unbiased, pressing both candidates on key concerns about their campaign and making sure they stay on topic while answering questions. 

The former intern, who worked her way up the ranks to become the co-anchor of Weekend Today, became the second Black woman to moderate a presidential debate alone, BBC reported

The 43-year-old inspired women in particular after her performance on Thursday. 

Superlatives such as "fantastic" and "impressive" came up often when people described the moderator's performance.

Contrary to Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who moderated the first debate and struggled to keep control of the candidates, Welker received praise for turning the tide.  

Wallace said he was jealous of Welker and he wished that "he had been able to take charge of the debate instead."

The Harvard University graduate, who began her career as a 21-year-old intern at NBC, expressed her excitement earlier this year when she was announced as co-anchor of Weekend Today.

"To have come here as an intern for the TODAY show, to shoot that reel — I looked so serious,'' the journalist told The Today Show. "To be terrified like that and then to come and sit at this desk, to sit next to my friend Peter Alexander every Saturday, it is the honor of a lifetime."

Welker's supporters, who have seen her grow through the years, were beaming with pride while watching her performance during the debate.

Amid all the praise, there was also some constructive criticism for Welker after the debate. A few of the critics said the moderator could have taken more control of Trump, although that has been proven to be a tall task. 

Some misinformed viewers believed the moderator has control of the mute button. But that role belonged to the debate committee. 

As he has done to many women who stand against him, the President slandered Welker last week.

During the debate, however, Trump suddenly shifted his tone.

"By the way, so far I respect very much the way you're handling this," he said.

As Blavity previously reported,  Welker teamed up with NBC colleagues Andrea Mitchell, Rachel Maddow and Ashley Parker to moderate the Democratic primary last November. The Philadelphia native has also built a reputation for asking tough questions during White House press briefings. Among her many accolades, the NBC anchor won the Outstanding Journalism in Broadcast Television award this year.