nullA little late on this, but you've got 2 days to submit. I know many of you already have completed shorts made in the last year or so that are without any sort of commercial distribution deal. Plus, there's NO FEE for submitting, so, what do you have to lose, especially with the potential rewards if you win?

The Short Cuts competition will provide an opportunity for television/filmmakers to screen their original short(s) directly for movie industry, network and cable executives looking for the next hit show/film. In addition, the festival gives aspiring writers, directors, producers and actors a platform to showcase their talent to the managers, agents and other industry figures in attendance. At the end festival, the showcase will hold an award ceremony honoring the shorts and artists that stand out.

Some submission rules of note: as the competition is part of the NBCUniversal Diversity Initiative, the writer, director, producer or cast of the short or video must be either…

Ethnically/culturally diverse, or of a diverse background (including LGBT community and people with disabilities). Or, the short must have a diverse theme.

Also, submitted short films must be in one of the following genres: Comedy, Drama, Horror and Sci-Fi.

They must be no longer than 20 minutes in length, although they note that they prefer films that are 5 to 7 minutes – hence "Short Cuts."

There is NO FEE for submitting a film to this festival.

All entries must be received by June 15th, 2012! The date was previously June 1, but they extended it to June 15. I wonder why… 

Read the full list of rules and regulations, and other FAQs, HERE; and if everything looks cool with you, and you have a short that fits the above criteria, send it in.