The White House announced on Wednesday that communications director Hope Hicks resigned. Her departure is the latest amid a growing list of individuals who are having difficulty maintaining job security among President Donald Trump's administration. 

Hicks' resignation comes after her closed door House Intelligence Committee testimony on Tuesday. She met for nearly nine hours and was pressed with questions on whether she has ever lied on behalf Trump, and, as fate would allow it, her answers got her into a heap of trouble. She admitted to that her work occasionally has caused her to tell 'white lies,' as first reported by The New York Times.

According to a study by Kathryn Dunn Tenpas of The Brookings Institution, more than one in three Trump administration staffers have left the White House at record pace in its first year. This is higher than the rate of staff departures from the five most recent presidential administrations. The Washington Post recently reported that there have been nearly 37 officials who have resigned or been fired under Trump. 

Here's a list of some of the prominent positions that have since been left vacant: 

ROB PORTER, former White House Staff Secretary, resigned on February 7 after two of his ex-wives accused him of physical and emotional abuse. He ensured a smooth transition and, of course, denied the allegations.

ANDREW MCCABE, former FBI Deputy Director, was forced to step down on January 30 after FBI Director Christopher Wray raised concerns about an upcoming Justice Department inspector general report examining McCabe's and other senior officials' actions during the 2016 presidential campaign. 

OMAROSA MANIGAULT NEWMAN, former Director of Communications for the White House's Office of Public Liaison, left to "pursue other opportunities" according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on December 13. Her resignation was effective January 20.

TOM PRICE, former Secretary of Health and Human Services, resigned on September 29. He cost taxpayers more than $1 million with his use of private planes for domestic travel and military jets for recent trips to Africa, Europe and Asia, Politico reported.

STEVE BANNON, chief strategist, dismissed on August 18 after reports of clashes between Bannon and other members of the Trump administration reached a fever pitch.

SEAN SPICER, former White House Press Secretary, resigned on July 21 after telling Trump he vehemently disagreed with the selection of Anthony Scaramucci as White House Communications Director.

MICHAEL FLYNN, former National Security Adviser, misled Vice President Mike Pence and other administration officials about what he and Russia's ambassador to the United States talked about in phone conversations during the transition. He resigned in February.

Like an Erykah Badu record, the list goes on and on and on and on.

This administration will definitely make history. The Washington Post has compiled a list identifying former Trump White House staff who were fired, resigned or forced to resign under pressure.

Who do you think will be next? Or worse, who will fill these vacant positions?