nullSo a few weeks ago, I posted an item about the controversy regarding Fox's big summer comedy Neighborhood Watch about a bunch of schmucks who form their own neighborhood crime watch group, only to encounter some aliens living in their town intent on conquering the world.

The film stars Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn (one of those how-did-this-load-ever-become-a-movie-star movie stars. At least Jonah Hill can be really funny) and British comedian and director (Submarine) Richard Ayoade (playing, according to one friend who has recently seen extended footage of the film, basically the Enrie Hudson role in Ghostbusters. In other words he's the guy always on the edge of the frame who gets cut out when the film is shown on TV). 

But in light of the recent Trayvon Martin shooting, there were some rumblings that Fox might pull the film from its scheduled July 27th release date. However Fox has decided to go ahead with its plan to release the film in July, but has now changed the title of the film to The Watch, hoping that that would ease peoples' anxieties.

Below is the new red band trailer for the film; but speaking for myself, if you find anything funny in it let me know, because it must have slipped past me…