Nene Leakes has something to say about her boyfriend’s wife suing her.

It’s been some time since we’ve seen the RHOA alum gush over her boyfriend, Nyonisela Sioh. The two debuted their love to social media fans shortly after Leakes’ longtime husband Gregg died due to complications of colon cancer. They’ve been going strong since, and traveling the world together. But apparently, Sioh’s estranged wife is not happy about it. The woman filed a lawsuit against Leakes, accusing her of interfering with their marriage and alleging she was blindsided by the romance. Leakes calls BS on the whole ordeal.

The OG calls the lawsuit a ‘shakedown’

Leakes recently appeared on V-103’s The Big Tigger Morning Show to discuss what’s going on in her life, including her recent surgical procedure, which included liposuction 360 and a “mini Brazilian butt lift. But the one thing the hosts wanted to chat about was Leakes’ man, and that pending lawsuit.

“We do have a lawsuit is all I can tell you,” Leakes with a laugh, as reported by Atlanta Black Star.

She insists that she did not date him while he was married. “But as far as Nyoni’s wife or…they’re divorcing. So, I’m not sure exactly why she would sue me…I didn’t meet him while he was with her. I spoke out about it.”

“I feel like it was more of a shakedown,” Leakes said of the lawsuit, adding his estranged wife feel like, ‘We can’t get him, let’s get her. And of course, I can make a good headline for you.’

As previously reported, the woman is suing Leakes for $100,000. She is claiming that Leakes slept with her estranged husband while he was still married to her.