Myths about black films have been busted in big thanks to the success of Marvel's Black Panther. 

In an attempt to take advantage of the record-breaking success of the majority-black led film, campaign groups Legally Black and Advocacy Academy filled south Brixton, London, England with remixed classic movie and TV posters that feature black leads.    

If you're at a bus stop in South Brixton, you just might see a black Harry Potter or a black James Bond. The groups rolled out the remixed posters earlier this week with the tagline "If you’re surprised, it means you don’t see enough black people in major roles."

With beautiful black and brown faces, these striking posters were made to grab attention and force change in terms of representation. Legally Black and Advocacy Academy partnered with ad group Special Patrol to give them a wider platform across bus stops in the area.

Liv Francis-Cornibert, Shiden Tekle, Bel Matos da Costa, and Kofi Asante are the four masterminds behind the project. In an interview with Mashable, Francis-Cornibert said that she got involved with the Advocacy Academy at 18 and she was asked what made her angry and she replied the lack of black leads in films. 

"We basically want better representation of black people in media," she said about the project. "It's tackling issues such as underrepresentation first of all, but also misrepresentation." 

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Actress Tolu Stedford who plays a black female Doctor from the popular BBC sci-fi series couldn't hide her excitement praising the project. 

Others were taken aback by the designs and creativity put forth to make the posters a reality. 

"We just loved the posters," a member of Special Patrols who wished to remain anonymous told Mashable. "This is easily the best thing that I think we've been involved in, in any way shape or form. 

At this time it is not clear if the posters will be up for several days or even months, but for now, the creators' dreams are a reality.