An indie project we previously profiled opens today, Friday, May 11.

Filmmaker Rel Dowdell, in partnership with Philly First Entertainment, are release his 2nd feature film, Changing The Game, exclusively at AMC Theaters in Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Chicago before extending to other cities nationwide.

The drama, shot in Philadelphia, stars Tony Todd, Irma P. Hall, and actor/rapper KirkSticky FingazJones, and is said to be based on…

… a searing and poignant drama about Darrell Barnes; a brilliant young African-American man who makes it from the slums of Philly to the posh and enviable life on Wall Street as one of its top players. However, Darrell soon realizes that the business brings on entirely different villains to contend with. Lethal obstacles such as internal racism coupled with shady international characters threaten to add him to the list of being a statistic of another African American male dead before his prime. Darrell does have an edge to get him out of these virulent situations that no one knows, something almost mystical given to him be a slain childhood friend.

The film has been rated “R” by the Motion Picture Association of America for adult themes, language, violence, including some sexual references.

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I haven't see it, so no thoughts to share.

Watch the film's trailer below: