Last fall, IFC Films acquired stateside rights to this Samuel L. Jackson starrer – the David Weaver-directed Neo Noir thriller titled The Samaritan, which co-stars Ethiopian-Irish actress Ruth Negga and Brit Tom Wilkinson.

Shot in Toronto and Rio De Janeiro, with the combined financial backing of both a UK-based production house, Quickfire Films, and the Canadian state film fund… Mr L. Jackson plays a fella by the name of Foley, described as “a grifter trying to escape from his past having spent 20 years in prison. But he gets ensnared in the plans of a young protege and it becomes all too clear to Foley that some wrongs can never be made right.

So essentially he's trying to go straight, but they keep pulling him back in… for that one last big score that'll reward them with enough to move to some Island without income taxes and extradition laws.

IFC had set an official release date for the film (theatrical) for May 4th2012, this Friday. But that date has been changed to May 16th (this Wednesday, which is a bit odd, since it's not a holyday weekend) . However, you should also know that the film is currently available via VOD and digital download. It's actually been available in that format since April 6th, so you can watch it right now if you'd like.

I've seen it, and, well, I was underwhelmed. A strong cast I thought, but the rather derivative material isn't worthy of their talents. Still, it's a well-made film; the story just didn't hook me. But see it for yourselves if the below new trailer does anything for you.

Poster below: