It's actually a busy weekend for black films in the USA, relative to most weekends.

First – the T.D. Jakes-produced thriller Woman Thou Art Loosed: On The 7th Day, which Codeblack Entertainment is releasing via its new AMC Independent agreement, on 102 screens nationwide.

On The Seventh Day stars Blair UnderwoodSharon LealNicole BehariePam GrierNicoye BanksReed R. McCants and T.D Jakes.

Here's the full synopsis again:

Kari (played by Sharon Leal) and David Ames (played by Blair Underwood) have seemingly built the perfect life until Kari’s dark past is unveiled following the kidnapping of their 6-year old daughter. As the couple desperately searches for their child, Kari realizes she’s not the only one who has secrets. Forced to confront the truth, life spirals out of control for both of them in this independent psychological thriller.

Second – it premiered at the Urbanworld Film Festival last fall (when we first profiled it), and is having its theatrical premiere today in select markets – specifically, AtlantaBaltimoreChicagoD.C.Los Angeles, New Jersey and New York.

Titled Life, Love, Soul, and directed by Noel Calloway, here's recap… its full synopsis follows:

Roosevelt Jackson is living his version of the American dream. He's 17, handsome and super talented, what else could he ask for? His mother, beautiful attorney Kimberly Jackson raises Roosevelt and younger brother Clinton in the affluent Park Slope section of Brooklyn, NY. Its early in Roosevelt's senior year of High School; his biggest concern is whether to go to Syracuse University or UCLA. While heading to the mall on a picturesque fall day with his mother and brother, Roosevelt’s world is shattered. An out of control SUV smashes into the Jackson family car, instantly killing Kimberly and Clinton leaving Roosevelt alone in a world devoid of the love and support he has cherished his whole life. Orphaned and heartbroken Roosevelt honors his mother's wish and moves in with his estranged father, disgruntled construction worker Earl Grant. Earl is ill equipped to raise the teenage son he never knew, let alone nurture him through an unspeakable tragedy. The relationship is instantly volatile as the mutual resentment between father and son leads to explosive confrontations. Jennifer, Earl's wife, tries unsuccessfully to bridge the gap between father and son. It isn’t until Roosevelt meets Kyna Tate, a beautiful student at his new school, that Roosevelt begins to live again. Infused with newfound happiness Roosevelt opens up to the possibility of establishing a traditional father-son relationship with Earl. As he begins to piece his life together Roosevelt is blindsided by another life altering circumstance.

Starring in the 108-minute film are: : Jamie Hector, Chad L. ColemanTamara FayTerri J. VaughnTami RomanMia Michele, Allen J. WestValerie SimpsonJian Pierre Rice & Robbie Tate-Brickle.

Third – titled Budz House (which should tell you much of what you need to know about it), the comedy, which has touches of Friday based on the below trailer, stars Wesley Jonathan as Bud Howard, a slacker who lives with his mother and younger sister in Baldwin Hills, California, and who spends his days getting high and day dreaming about designing his own comic book series.

And further…

His partners in crime are his best buddies; Jpeezy, Ooley and Pretty Tony, a handful of equally unmotivated characters. Their daily ritual of getting high and reading comic books is put on steriods when the gang finds a huge pile of weed. They can't believe their dumb luck! What the foursome learn quickly is that they have unknowingly smoked the stash of the local gang leader and he isn't pleased. As the weed supply in their area hits an unexpected recession, Bud and his friends look to create some kind of replacement stash and in a hilarious turn of events they accidentally create a "super weed" which puts them right in the cross hairs the local gang. At the same time, the local gang leader believes Bud is romancing his girl, and wants him dead. Bud and his friends go on a wild ride in an effort to save their weed, and their lives!

The 76-minute film, directed by Cameron Casey, is in theaters today courtesy of Phase 4 Films.

Faizon LoveShon Lange, Aaron ScottiEmilio Rivera, and Luenell round out the rest of the cast.

According to the film's website, it'll open on about 20 screens across the country this Friday; click HERE to find out if your city is on the list.

Fourth – for those of you in NYC, the New York African Film Festival is underway… today's highlights follow:

1:30pm Mama Africa at  The Film Society of Lincoln Center
3:30pm Siderot, Last Exit / Farewell, Exile / Up Your Black Arse at The Film Society of Lincoln Center
6pm Treasures from the Russian Archive State Archives at The Film Society of Lincoln Center
**7:30pm Cairo Station at Spectacle Thater 
**8pm Relentless Q&A with director Okoroafor & dance performance by Khaleah London at The Film Society of Lincoln Center

And that's about it folks; have a good movie weekend!