So it's officially out in theaters now; there were some midnight screenings across the country I heard, so I suspect some of you have already seen it, or are planning to do so today, or over the weekend.

I figured I may as well open things up now after weeks of buildup – the high audience test scores, the popularity of the book it's based on, the ensemble cast, the growth of the company behind it (Rainforest Films), the expectations for how well it would do, whether it has cross-over appeal, etc, etc, etc.

Well now you'll get to have YOUR say. 

Some of you have emailed me asking why I haven't reviewed it yet; well, it's because I actually haven't seen it; not because I didn't want to, but I missed the NYC press junket screening for it. I was invited to the LA press junket, but I live in NYC, so certainly couldn't attend that. However I didn't receive an invite to the New York press event. I learned about it after it happened! Not implying it was an intentional miss, but I'm just giving you reasons why I haven't reviewed the film yet.

I know Sergio has seen it, so you can email him instead and badger him for his review 🙂

I know he liked it, so a thumbs up from Sergio, and a thumbs-nothing from me, since I haven't seen it.

Anyway… if you've already seen it, your thoughts? And as this is an open thread, whenever you do see it (today, tomorrow, Sunday…) come back and share your reactions to it.