If it's not already clear to you by now, based on our coverage of the film since I saw it at the Sundance Film Festival in January this year, that Beasts Of The Southern Wild is a must-see, then you obviously haven't been paying attention! 

Yes, see it. It actually opened on Wednesday, so some of you may have seen it already; if you haven't, and you live in New York or LA, go check it out for yourselves; I think most of you will dig it.

You can read my review of it HERE if you haven't already.

The film will gradually expand to other cities nationwide. Click HERE to find out when/fi it'll open in your city.

Beasts has an 88% Fresh rating on movie review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes.

Also opening this weekend is Tyler Perry's 2nd of 3 releases this year, his latest Madea epic, Madea's Witness Protection. As usual, it wasn't screened for critics, so Rotten Tomatoes doesn't have a rating for it.

As already noted on this site, the film's mostly white cast makes its box office something to watch for, to see whether there will be any crossover in the audience that goes to see it, and if the film attracts viewers who've previously largely avoided his films – especially his Madea films.

The last time a Tyler Perry film had a significant Caucasian representation was 2008's The Family That Preys, which opened at just over $17 million, and went on to gross about $37 million – one of his weakest performing films – certainly below his $50+ million average per movie. 

Let's see how this one does.

I'm also curious as to whether his loyal base might be tiring of Madea, and may not be in any hurry to see this one, if at all, although The Hollywood Reporter says that the film is tracking strongly among black women, so what do I know?

We'll see what the numbers look like on Sunday afternoon.

If neither of these films is on your to-see list, what might you be seeing instead, regardless of what part of the world you live in?