Warner Home Video has been pretty aggressive lately, regularly announcing many older titles, some stretching as far back as the 70's, that they are releasing soon on Blu-Ray. This, despite the fact that some experts are saying the format doesn't have much longer in this world.

True, there was a slow down and DVD sales did plateau some time ago, but studios and indepedent labels such as Mill Creek and Image Entertainment are now seemingly reversing themselves, and announcing more eagerly awaited older studio titles every week.

So with that, WMH has announced today that on August 14th, they're going all "urban cinema" like, and will be releasing, for the first time on blu-ray, both New Jack City and Shaft.  That's the original 1971 version directed by Gordon Parks, not the John Singleton remake that everyone wants to forget.

But that's not all; on that same day, they will also be releasing F Gary Gray 's A Man Apart with Vin Diesel (a brutal, violent thriller with some great action sequences that's much better than its reputation) also on blu-ray, From Cradle to the Grave, Romeo Must Die and Fallen, in which Denzel Washington takes on the Devil… and loses.