First off, let me express my surprise at the fact that (what seems to be) a pretty decent Jason Statham (The Transporter, The Bank Job) flick is going straight-to-DVD. I saw the trailer for Blitz last spring, and I was sure that it would be another in his long line of profitable “shoot-em-ups”. Based on the Ken Bruen novel of the same name, Blitz looked like it would be the crime-drama of the summer. But alas, today we see the release of Blitz on DVD and Blu-Ray.

With its release, we may also see the emergence of one of film’s next hot commodities– actress Zawe Ashton. Along with British TV and film vets Statham, Paddy Considine, Aiden Gillen, and David Morrissey, Ashton rounds out the cast of players as WPC Elizabeth Falls, a police officer with a bit of a personal issue.

In anticipation of the film’s theatrical release, I’m sure, the cast did loads of promo and press. Ashton gave an interview to, in which she discussed this film, future projects, and a certain S&A fave who she considers one of her biggest mentors.

Check out this excerpt from the interview:

Your character in Blitz is a police officer who’s just come out of rehab after going a little too far undercover in the drug squad. Now she’s being mentored by Brant, a hard-drinking, rule-breaking sexist with a violent streak as wide as the Harrow Road. Interesting choice of role model.

Isn’t he? I think they share a lot of problems and issues and it’s the flaws that bond them together.

Did you get much mentoring from Mr Statham off-screen?

He’s lovely – and so supportive.

Blitz is just one of Ken Bruen’s Brant novels – any plans to make it a franchise?

We’ll see how people respond to this one, but I’d sign up for more, no problem. Elizabeth Falls is a character I could do so much more with. I’d love to explore her further.

You’re developing a film project with Idris Elba, who starred in The Wire with your co-star Aiden Gillen. So you’ve got some good careers advisers if you fancy trying out your American accent across the Pond. Any plans there or do your loyalties lie in London?

Oh I’ll always be loyal to London. But [like Elba] you have tremendous success abroad and then you come home and utilise it on home soil. He’s a massive mentor of mine; I really respect and love the guy.

Can you say anything about the project or is it all hush-hush?

[Laughs] It’s only hush-hush because it’s literally in the beginning stages!

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