In Wendy's (MsWOO's) review of John Akomrah's The Nine Muses for S&A (HERE), she compared it to "attending an opera or perhaps classical music performance," calling it both an intellectual and a visceral experience, as both images and sound "flow over you" and "seep into you," and that "you should find this a deeply moving experience."

I still have yet to watch the film believe it or not; I was sent a screener a little bit ago, but the disc wouldn't play on my DVD player, or any of the others I tried. And it hasn't exactly been in wide circulation here in the USA, so I figured I'd just wait for it to get to home video or VOD eventually, and watch it then. 

And today, my opportunity has arrived… finally, as the film becomes available on DVD in the USA, so look for it on Netflix (although only on DVD), and Amazon for sale.

Also out on DVD today is Snow On Tha Bluff, exec-produced by Michael K. Williams, and directed by Damon Russell from a script penned by Chris Knittel and Curtis Snow. Despite the controversy, I still haven't seen it, so I can't say anything about it.

It's been heavily debated here on S&A, and you can now check it out for yourselves on DVD, to see if it's everything you expected, or takes you by surprise.