Hip-hop culture has moved American culture, and soon The Bronx will home a new Universal Hip-Hop Museum. 

NYCEDC tweeted Friday about a huge construction project called Bronx Point, which will include the Universal Hip-Hop Museum. DNA info reports that The Universal Hip Hop museum is in its fourth year as an organization, but this will be its first time having a home. 

The museum, originally planned for the Kingsbridge Armory, will use technology to create a multi-generational experience featuring music, artifacts, video and photography, research areas, and a performance stage, It will partner with Microsoft, Google and others to create the right mix of technology and an immersive entertainment experience. 

NYCEDC President and CEO James Patchett further elaborated on the project. “Today, we are excited to announce the activation of this long-vacant waterfront site with high-quality public open space, over 600 units of permanently affordable housing, and a range of cultural facilities that pay homage to the boogie down Bronx."

This is a great look for the NYC borough that can often get a bad rep. In addition to the museum, housing units, and resource centers, the city says the site is one of the largest remaining city-owned parcels in The Bronx. It is expected to create more than 100 permanent jobs and approximately 915 direct construction jobs during phase one construction. The first phase will be completed in 2022.