Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment have been releasing a number of songs leading up the release of the first project, “Surf” including “Sunday Candy”. The short film, entitled “Sunday Candy”, was released on a Sunday, directed by Austin Vesely and Chance the Rapper, choreographed by Ian Eastwood, highlights guest vocalist Jamila Woods, Chicago dance styles — boppin’ and footworkin’ with an appearance from D-Low the Bop King (known for the D-Low Shuffle). It gives you a nice Broadway musical feel set in a diner, complete with 1950s style outfits and letterman jackets a la Grease. It is exciting to see Chance, a Chicago MC, continue to highlight local Chicago talent and introduce them to the world through his independent music projects. While many have been waiting for Chance’s solo debut after making headlines with Acid Rap, and being dubbed a 2014 XXL Freshman, he has made it clear that the Social Experiment is his main focus, as told to XXL. The release date has yet to be confirmed but it is certainly soon as noted in his latest Billboard interview, according to SPIN magazine.

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