Now accepting submissions for its 3rd annual film festival is Brooklyn's premier Black film showcase the ActNow: New Voices in Black Cinema Festival. Programmed by ActNow Foundation, it all takes place February 15th-18th 2013 at BAMcinématek (the movie wing of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the nations oldest ongoing performance center); the festival which in the past has played independent films like Tanya Hamiton's Night Catches Us (starring Kerry Washington & Anthony Mackie) , Ava DuVernay's I Will Follow, the Aunjanue Ellis starring The Tested, as well as compelling documentaries such as Infiltrating Hollywood: The Rise & Fall of the Spook Who Sat By The Door, Sneaker Stories, and The Furious Force of Rhymes, and introuduced audiences eager for new voices to new indpendent Black films like Single Hills, SUS, Lesson Before Love and Let's Stay Together. The NVBC Festival also yearly bestows previous undeclared films as 'New Black Classics' – in 2012 Theodore Witcher's Love Jones held that distinction and Wendell B. Harris' Chamelon Street held inaugural title in 2011.  The deadline to submit is November 20, 2012. Details after the jump. 

ActNow Foundation's New Voices in Black Cinema Festival is a multi-genre festival of quality movies geared towards getting all audiences to appreciate and support independent films from, by, and starring the African diaspora. Whether the films are contemporary or period pieces, drama or comedy, science fiction or animated, the further purpose of this series is to give filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their talent on a grand stage where they can develop opportunities for limited distribution and create buzz for future industry contacts.  Recent special guests include:  Jeffrey Wright, Aunjanue Ellis, Lisa Nicole Carson, Theodore Witcher, Warrington Hudlin, Tanya Hamilton, Ava Duvernay, YaYa DaCosta, Les Nubianes' Hélène and Célia Faussart, Bobitto Garcia, Tobias Truvillion, and more. 

Taking place every February, this program is all about choosing excellence over spectacle and daring stories over standard fare as New Voices pushes the gamut of showing how film explores Black society and provides exhibition to new voices, and existing ones, that represent these rich and diverse cultures proudly putting them on display to the masses.  See more info and pictures about the festival on a whole at ActNow's website or email ActNow at

All films must be directed and/or produced by or star people from the African diaspora.


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Since its founding in 2004, ActNow Foundation has been a conduit for filmmakers, playwrights and individuals interested in displaying their craft through an arts organization that displays the best in independent theater and film by hosting regular events in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  ActNow delves into stories about race, love, family, cultural differences, self-empowerment, and the toils and aspirations of the working, middle and upper classes. Through these stories, ActNow shows that although human life experiences can be very different, we all share the same human struggle for survival and success.