A landlord in New York City went viral this weekend after posting a TikTok video of her joking about stealing tenants' packages because they were behind on rent. 

Abbe Awosanya posted the now-deleted video for her 6,000 TikTok followers to see, but the video took on a life of its own when it reached Twitter.

As Awosanya danced to the song "Skechers" by DripReport, she posted captions on the video saying, "My tenant is late on rent and is avoiding me but has money to order. So I take all their packages until they pay up" and "I'm so petty."

The video blew up on TikTok with 200,000 views but has now garnered millions of views on Twitter and Instagram with people criticizing Awosanya for stealing from her tenants because they were unable to pay rent during an economically catastrophic pandemic.

Thousands of others said that beyond the cruelty of stealing someone's packages, which may have been essential, it's a federal crime to steal another person's mail.