The U.S. Open proved to be a misogynistic and eventful weekend for black women in tennis, and a cartoon depicting Serena Williams as having a tantrum was the racially biased cherry on top. 

Following Williams' continued advocacy against a double standard for women and men in the sport she continues to dominate, she was fined $17,000 for voicing her frustrations to an umpire during her Saturday U.S. Open match against Naomi Osaka. The game between Williams and the up-and-coming Haitian-Japanese tennis player ended with the 20-year-old's first major victory overshadowed by the penalties against Williams and the backlash she's faced. 

Ultimately, Williams will be docked $10,000 for “verbal abuse,” $4,000 for coaching she allegedly received from the stands by Patrick Mouratoglou, with an additional $3,000 fine for breaking her racket out of frustration. Though $17,000 may be a small monetary price to pay for the G.O.A.T. herself, it's a considerable cost in the fight for equality. 

While there has been an outstanding amount of support for Williams, one Australian cartoonist continued feeding the angry black woman trope with a dangerously exaggerated illustrated depiction of the star's disheartenment. In the drawing, Williams is seen angrily jumping on top of her racket while a blonde and seemingly white-washed version of Osaka is being asked by the umpire to "just let her win." 

Of course, the horrible animation received the backlash it deserved. If this was an attempt at humor, understand that comedy isn't for everyone, and racism shouldn't be either.

racially inflammatory.
I witnessed John McEnroe berate umpires, smash racquets, and hit balls in the stands, without having an umpire decide his match

— ResistanceMedia (@Resistance411) September 10, 2018

Even author J.K. Rowling called out the offensive photo.

Both Osaka and Williams deserve better.

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